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This is cool and all, but why are the concentration solely on PCI devices? pciconf output doesn't tell you directly what CPUs are in the system or even how many there are. It doesn't tell you exactly what sort of memory or disk drives the system uses -- all of which would be important information that might just persuade hardware manufacturers to provide more FreeBSD support. Surely a condensed version of /var/run/dmesg.boot is more to the point.

/var/run/dmesg.boot can't be relied on, unfortunately ... I've had *many* times where a reboot leaves that blank, or with "non-dmesg like" output ... if you can provide a non-dmesg method of adding this information that is consistent (ie. pciconf), then sure, we can add this sort of information ...

Some of this information can be gathered from the hw.* sysctl's, at least on 6.x...

'k, what I'm going to work on this weekend is a first pass at both the periodic script, and the receiving database ... I will post the script when completed, so that we can test what has been discussed so far, then we can look at adding on 'features' from there to pull in more information ...

Fair enough?

BTW, if anyone out there likes doing HTML and web pages, please let me know ... anything *I* do will be as utilititarian as I can make them :)

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