On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 01:06:45AM -0600, Jon W. Backstrom wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD Community,
> I am trying to run named (bind) in a sandbox using the default flags
> found in the config files. I've got this in my /etc/rc.conf file:
> named_enable="YES"             # Run named, the DNS server (or NO).
> named_flags="-u bind -g bind"  # Flags for named
> I also did a "chown -R bind:bind" to my secondaary DNS directory, so
> all updates work with the new "bind" userID and group (53).
> [/etc/group]
> bind:*:53:
> The problem comes when I use "/usr/sbin/named.reload" ... I get an
> error message that named can't write the /var/run/named.pid file.

You need to make a var/run/ in named's sandbox root.  By the time it
writes its pidfile, it has already done the chroot() syscall, and 
cannot see anything outside its own new root.  For the sake of other
apps that don't run in the same sandbox, you can always symlink the
new sandboxed pidfile to the /var/run/named.pid.

You should restore the permissions on /var/run, and ensure that your
named/bind user has permission to write to the new one you just 

At least, this is how I interpreted your problem.  Forgive me if you
have already done these things...


Daniel Bye

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