On Aug 6, 2006, at 6:47 PM, Gary Kline wrote:

        Thanks much!  I *did* learn that with just FS, no need "END".
        Maybe you can help me figure out what I'm trying to do because
        I'm wedged!!

        I've got 80 or so html/php files. Most do have


        but a whole slew do not/are missing the BG color code.
        So is there some scripto-magic way of finding out which fles are
        missing the above string?  I know how, using an ed/ex script to
        insert this string.

        My hacker brain seems to be on strike!


Not 100% sure this is what you're wanting, but you can just do something like:

grep "myregex" * | awk -F ':' '{print $1}'

This will print out the first column (ie, whatever comes before the first colon).

if the options are either "<BODY>" or "<BODY BGCOLOLR="#FFFFFF">" I guess you could do something like:

grep "<BODY" * | grep -v BGCOLOR | awk -F ':' '{print $1}'

to get the files that have a body line sans BGCOLOR (you might need to account for case in the tags also)

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