Hi everyone. Quick hardware question here...

We're looking to move a dedicated server to a new datacenter with new
hardware. The Dual Xeon boards in the new datacenter are the Supermicro
X6DVL-EG-2 with the Intel E7320 chipset. I see the E7320 listed on
the hardware page for 6.1-RELEASE/amd64 but not for i386. Would this
work with i386? I want to run i386 on this machine just to make sure all
third party software we need will still work, since it is an important
production server, and one application we use is binary only for i386.

I also don't see the SATA controller (6300ESB) or the onboard NIC
(82541GI) on either hardware lists. I see similar models for the NIC
on the list, but not the "GI". The motherboard spec page does show
different models though, since at the top it says it's the "GI", but
down below it says it's the "PI" on that board. Does neither the SATA or
NIC being listed mean that this board will not work? Is anyone out there
running this board with FreeBSD, and what are your experiences with it?

I don't know much about Intel hardware since I run AMD on all other
machines, and most any hardware I've ever used with FreeBSD has worked,
but I wanted to check on this before ordering the new server because
we're needing to switch fast and get moved out of the old datacenter
by mid-week. The only other hardware option I see from this datacenter
is an Opteron 170, but I'd like to stick with the Dual Xeons as we
currently have now if at all possible.

Thanks very much in advance for any info or suggestions.



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