On Sunday 06 August 2006 21:57, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> i just decided to take a box, and installworld, without going to single
> user mode.  from what i can see, the update was completely successful.  of
> course, other then myself (su'd to root), there were no other users logged
> in).
> i wonder how many people are brave enough, and do actually installworld
> without changing to single user mode?  i wonder what is truly at risk from
> not going to single mode?
> curious,
> jonathan

I usually don't go into single-user mode on my desktops as there is no real 
need. If I know libc has been bumpted, then there's a reason to go in 
stand-alone as there might be running processes that might be affected.

On a multiple user machine it is highly recommended because
1) You warn the user that a loss of ressource (network connection etc...) is 
imminent due to reboot
2) Any huge processes are stopped and will not be affected by live changing of 
libraries and core /bin or /usr/bin and other system bin files.
3) If somethings goes wrong, you won't be affecting other users in mysterious 
ways, you can fix it right away and resume "serving".

There's probably more reasons to the logic but thoses are my so far.


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