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Thanks. I found my problem. (Sysinstall, aka fdisk, won't do more that
BTW, anybody have any good advice on how to manage a large file system?

Unfortunately I have to say "consider Solaris or Linux as they have
journalling file systems."

Although I have a couple of big file systems on FreeBSD, it is not a pretty
sight if there is some sort of problem. Recently our colo lost power. The
two boxes that needed manually fixing were the two big file system boxes.
Background fsck did not fix them. To compare, we have one almost identical
box running Linux. It came straight back up courtesy of ext3.

Ignoring all the suggestions to get UPS (the colo had generator backed UPS
which failed), etc, problems can/do happen. And when they do, journalling
for big file systems is very useful.

The single most important thing missing for me in FreeBSD is a journalling
file system as I would use it on every box.

You don't need to do anything more to manage big file systems per se. How
big a file system are you going to create? What are you going to use it for?
That might help with suggestions.

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