beno wrote:
> Erik Nørgaard wrote:
>> Lookup the ip with whois you'll get a network segment that has been
>> delegated. You ISP may have multiple such segments, but it get's you
>> further faster than finding individual ip's.
> Thanks. I also realized I should do the same for the Internet cafe I
> work at when the power's out. Since I live in the Dominican Republic
> (although bounce off a satellite that thinks I'm in the states), that's
> a little more problematic. What do you suggest? I tried these
> combinations with no luck:
> whois -c do
> whois -d

I'd go for ip/network lookup and not domains as these are more
geographically fixed. Also, you can't be certain to get all the ip's by
doing domain lookup as some may not be included.

I understand you want to restrict access to where you're likely to connect?

Networks are delegated by IANA and local registries. Some are then
delegated to national registries or directly to major corps.

Major corps and regional registries can be found here:

but this only lists /8 netblocks.

>From each regional registry, you can download lists of the delegated
network addresses. For the Dom. Rep. you should find your self under
ARIN (, which includes US,

however, this doesn't show to whom it has been delageted.

In the end, combining the different info should help you: You know one
ip, check which block it belongs to that have been assigned by ARIN and
use whois to verify.

Cheers, Erik

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