beno - wrote:
> Thank you to everyone who responded. Consolidating your responses, I have 
> revised thus:
>  make.conf file:
>  PERL_VER=5.8.5
>  PERL_ARCH=mach
>  NOPERL=yo
>  NO_PERL=yo
>  CFLAGS= -O -pipe
>  NO_BLUETOOTH=  true    # I have no need of this
>  NO_SENDMAIL=   true    # I use qmail

I'd suggest avoiding extra tweaking. Just leave PERL (anyway it won't
affect you since it isn't in the base):


Compile bluetooth and sendmail even though you won't use them. This'll
save you extra headaches if something goes horribly wrong.

>  /etc/6stable-supfile
>  cvsup -L 2 /etc/6stable-supfile

Read the handbook. Especially:

>  shut down all services except ssh
>  cd /usr/src
>  make -j4 buildworld // single CPU system

You should avoid -j4.

>  make buildkernel
>  make installkernel
>  mergemaster -p
>  reboot

Have a look at procedures in file:


Otherwise you're actually forgetting "mergemaster" step, which is very

>  * Instead of jumping directly to /etc/6stable-supfile perhaps I should 
> upgrade to 5.5 and then to 6 (and is this actually 6.1?) How do I do the 
> interim upgrade? And do I want 5.5 or some other version? And is that even 
> necessary?

It is possible to go 5.3 -> 6.1. Been there, done that and haven't had a
single trouble. I got plenty ideas from the following article:

However, that one requires some modifications if you're doing it
remotely (like in your case). I upgraded one 5.3 a month ago from a
completely another continent. So it's possible.

>   * How do I make sure userland and the new kernel are synchronized before 
> rebooting?
>  * How do I make sure the new kernel is capable of booting before actually 
> rebooting?

This is what I did (roughly out of my head):

1.- synch your source to 6.1 (or whatever)
2.- make buildworld
3.- make buildkernel
4.- make installkernel
5.- sh /etc/rc.shutdown         # kills all your services
6.- pkill sendmail
7.- pkill syslogd
8.- mergemaster -p
9.- make installworld
10- mergemaster                 # this one is a lot of fun, be careful
11- make delete-old             # this one is breath-taking
12- reboot                      # best suspense ever
13- make delete-old-libs

With mergemaster, make sure you read and understand everything. Don't
just merge the thing. Also, read /usr/src/UPDATING. That file is the
most important file. Don't forget the backups.

Good luck!


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