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> Hello,
> Why is the upgrade procedure recommended to be
> portupgrade -R <package>
> instead of 
> portupgrade -r <package> ?
> If -R is "Act on all those packages required by the given packages as well."
> isn't it more important to rebuild the packages that depend on the package
> being rebuilt, ala -r?

Personally, I use -R.  Occasionally, I've had problems with dependent packages
_requiring_ a rebuild after rebuilding a library.  I've _never_ had trouble
with a library having trouble after building dependent packages.

When I'm upgrading a system, I start with "portupgrade -an | grep '\+'",
then I pick a good place to start and use "portupgrade -Rn <pkg_name>" to
see what's going to happen before actually pulling the trigger.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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