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> > The motherboard is a FA-K8N51GMF-9 with 3 hard drives
> > installed. 2xSata and 1xIDE.

That mobo uses an Nvidia chipset, last I checked the drivers for that
chipset weren't that great.

> > How do I get the installer select drives interface to recognize ad6?
> >

Do you have a /dev/ad6?

I have now sifted the connected to the SATA2 connector on the motherboard -- 
but it is still not recognized.. see comments below made in the posting I have 
just made to the amd64 list.

My feeling is that you either have a bad cable or the sata controller
is having problems, but it could also be the HDD (it *is* plugged in,

Here are some things you can try:
- replace the cable. Yes, cables go bad frequently and for no obvious
reason. So do connectors, but less frequently.
- That mobo probably has four SATA ports, try the drive on different ports.
- take out your Seagate drive and put the WD on that SATA port. (Use a
live cd like FreeSBIE to boot and test the drive configuation.)
- try the Seagate as ad6 and the WD as ad4

This is all basic troubleshooting. By changing one piece of the
configuation at a time you should be able to identify the problem.

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