I am having several problems loading 6.1 on a Dell PE 850 w/an Adaptec 39160 
scsi card and a single scsi drive. When I install from the boot only cd, I get 
the error "Unable to transfer the base distribution from acd0. Do you want to 
retry again" and it won't go any further. 

When I install using the 6.1 disk one I get the error "Add of package 
linux_base-8-8.01-14 aborted, error code 1 - Please check the debug screen for 
info" and when the system boots I the kernel will not load. This happens 
weather I install the linux compatible module or not. 

However I can install 6.0 without a problem and it seems to run like a champ.

Any ideas?


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Subject: FreeBSD on Dell PE850

Does anybody have any experience running FBSD 6.x on a PE850?  I'm 
specifically wondering about support for their base-configuration 
onboard NIC and their CERC SATA RAID controller.


Josh Paetzel

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