freebsd 6.1   solaris9

questions on the freebsd side:( internal machine running no firewall) - soalris 9 is the yp server, and two ypslaves are also on solaris 9

built a freebsd 6.1 and i am running into some problems


when i initiate ypcat command, all results return correctly

i have standard nis map, like auto_volume/auto_home/packages......pretty standard

all i need from this yp services is to be able to

ie cd /home/xxxx and /volume/yyyy, and its not showing up, it just hang, control c to get out

also i've mande a mount point on the freebsd machine, ie /raid7.....already setup in the yp auto_volume, but from a solaris machine, if I go /volume/raid7, i got permission denied, but its completely open!

does anyone have some howto?????
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