Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> Just a quick reminder to all those that have installed 
> /usr/ports/sysutils/bsdstats ... pre-v3.0 clients no longer work, due to 
> the changes that were made to the database ... please upgrade, and run, 
> the new version available in ports ...
> Also, as another reminder, the first run of the script after upgrading 
> will take ~15 minutes to run ... there is a 15 min sleep in the script 
> that is enforced at the server end ...
> Right now, we are at ~40% of the hosts that we were before v3.0, and I'm 
> still seeing database hits on the *old* database, indicating that ppl are 
> still running the old client :(
> BTW, for those that haven't looked recently at ... 
> the US is, of course, leading the pack with ~20% of the installed FreeBSD 
> servers (a whole 129 servers) ... Germany following a close second with 
> ~15% ...
> And, Canada (my country) is woefully in 5th place with 4% ... come on 
> folks, we need to get all of the numbers up ...


I just upgraded the thing to v3.0_3 and when executing I get:

 : not found
To protect against abuse, the initial challenge/response phase
contains a 15 minute pause.  Please be patient while this time
limit elapses

Not sure what happens with that " : not found". I also commented "sleep
900" line. Waiting for 15 mins is a bit too long.

Oh, and Chile is missing again.

Thanks for this project Marc!


Mikhail Goriachev

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