I finally realized why I couldn't change the solid-color bg
        with xpaint.  The bucket [icon] is missing; the documentation 
        doesn't reflect this...  But *anyway*, to other things-graphic.

        With gimp, is it possible to create polygons?  How about a 
        5-pointed star?   Or 6- or 7-pointed star?   I have found some 
        images of what I'm looking for thru Google/images, but the
        bavkgrounf is not solid for some images, &c.  Also, it is
        possible to join two or three (already-drawn, on-disk) images
        with gimp?  I'm thinking of a circle surrounding a hexagon
        surrounding a square, e.g. 

        --Part of this is just-for-fun curiosity before 
        I get back to my studies; part of it is to try to create designs
        for my jottings pages.

        thanks for any insights,


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