This works for me.  It's in portugese, but if you don't do portugese,
just follow the commands and you'll do fine.  Someone was kind enough to
translate this page to english, but I don't have a link to it.  I don't
do portinstall though, so add the packages whichever way you like.  This
gives you flash 7, don't think there's a working flash 8 yet.  My kids
can goto most of their sites, as they're inevitably done in flash/java.



On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 16:46 +0200, Jordi Carrillo wrote:
> This I suppose is the eternal question, but I'm quite sick of looking around
> google without having a detailed step by step process to get the flash
> plugin for firefox. There are some that talk about tweaking the kernel and
> applying patches? Is it really so difficult having the flash plugin for
> firefox (compiled one)?
> If anyone has the consideration to detail a working solution for the
> 6.1freebsd release, will be much appreciated,
> Thanks in advance for your help,

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