On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 03:53, Sean Ellis wrote:
> Hello freebsd-questions,
>   I wonder if anyone has any comment on this web article. The results
>   of the benchmarking seem to portray FreeBSD in a less than
>   favourable light.
>   http://www.samag.com/documents/s=1148/sam0107a/0107a.htm
>   Please CC any replies as I am not currently subscribed.

Linux comes out the fastest because they do fun things like including
support for http in the kernel. I have heard of a lot of problems with
postfix on Linux because the filesystem doesn't journal properly so in
the event of a crash all your mail is lost (postfix was told it was
delivered, etc). Recent research into NFS I have done also suggests that
Linux is much slower than FreeBSD due to the nature of network

I would say that the benchmarks were performed on stock installs without
optimizations (such as recompiling the kernel to take advantage of a P3
or better). Given the opportunity to tweak each setup, my guess is Linux
and FreeBSD would be on top, with Windows ranking last (because it's not
open source, you have less control - what you get is what Microsoft gave

I'm not advocating any operating system above any other. I think people
should determine what they want to do with their system, find out what
platforms are capable of handling it, and perform their own benchmarks
for their particular application. If only the authors of such articles,
who really should know better, did the same thing.


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