Sean Ellis wrote:
Hello freebsd-questions,

  I wonder if anyone has any comment on this web article. The results
  of the benchmarking seem to portray FreeBSD in a less than
  favourable light.

  Please CC any replies as I am not currently subscribed.

I would tend to think that these people did bugger all in terms of performance tuning the FreeBSD box. It wouldnt surprise me if they didn't turn on soft updates for one. Other thing that is quite likely
is they probably didn't make seperate slices for /, /var and /usr.

I would guess that they did some (probably limited) tuning to the Linux box they were testing with. If you look at the 'Sidebar 2' page, they
state a few OSs they use internally, Linux being one. I suspect that
they might be knowlegeable about Linux, Solaris and Windoze and performance tuning each (look at what they use them for). The only BSD they have is OpenBSD for their firewall(s). Not much tuning needed there
to get good network performance. Same goes with FreeBSD if all you are doing is using it for a firewall. Based on this I'd say they have little to no experiance tuning FreeBSD/*BSD for performance.

That being said, anyone that claims FreeBSD's performance isn't that great is probably full of shit. Check their background, I bet they don't
specialise in any sort of BSD, or have used it much at all :)


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