It's time to come clean and admit that parts/most of rsync are 
        lost on my.  The good-old-days when everybody trusted everybody
        on the net--when it was mostly just we geeks are way gone.
        Crackers, prob'ly 12-year-olds using DOS scripts, tried to
        crack my ns1 server.  After that I upgraded to bind-9 and read
        [and enjoyed] DNS/BIND, *and* began using ssh.  So a lot of my
        automatic backup programs stopped working.  As grew
        from one machine to four, it became that much harder to tar and
        backup stuff.  (I have automated some backups, but crudely.   
        Now, after Friday's "trap 18",  my first fatal ever, it's time 
        to follow the backup system that Matthew suggested.)

        How can I automate the backup via rsync to other servers?  I have 
        a couple boxen out there miles remote; the rest are meters apart.  
        If 'expect the unexpected' is any guide, now I *am* expecting.   
        If it means a few days and 8 hours of typing, then that's just 
        the price.  (That I had a recent TaoEtc.tbz is a good sign; that 
        it was in /usr/tmp _on_ tao is not a good sign... .)

        I've just installed/reinstaled rsync here on (aka
        "sage") and on  I've fiddled with the rsyncd.conf on
        both FBSD systems.  What I don't understand is how rsync, using
        ssh, gets past the secret password.  If, say, I want to
        copy all of my www files from sage to zen, what do I put
        into /usr/local/etc/rsyncd.secrets? Let's say that rsyncd.secrets

        # User : pw
        root : abcd
        kline: wxyz

        Would this old snippet work as a starting place, exec'd by root:

rsync --verbose  --progress --stats --compress --rsh=/usr/local/bin/ssh
      --recursive --times --perms --links --delete \
      --exclude "*bak" --exclude "*~" \


      Thanks for any clues.  I have a lot of stuff tarballed, but it's
      time to do things right!!


   Gary Kline     [EMAIL PROTECTED]     Public service Unix

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