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> Greetings,
> Installed FreeBSD 6.1R on a clean system over the weekend, and installed the
> gnome2 port from the ports tree (after cvsup'ing).  Everything installed
> great, no errors.  Ran the xorg configure from the handbook, went over good,
> background and cursor came up sharp.  So, I enabled gdm, and rebooted.  Once
> rebooted, X started, which the cursor was crisp, but when the Gnome login
> window appeared, it was very fuzzy.  I could barely make out the window.
> Is there some configuration step I missed in gnome or X?  Where would be a
> good start to read up on Gnome?  And finally, is there a better full "X
> desktop" to use?

Personally I have always preferred KDE. The full KDE package also includes
KOffice and a large range of apps.

One good thing I like is KDE will run the gnome apps but gnome won't run KDE
So you don't loose out on any choices with KDE.

It is in ports at /usr/ports/x11/kde3, but you may want to get hold of the
pre-built package and install from that.


Shane Ambler

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