Aaron Bliss wrote:

I was wondering if there are any
packagement tools for freebsd/pcbsd that offer simular functionality to
up2date or yum; I take care of installing and updating complete rpm based
systems using yum, and have not found a tool simular to yum for freebds (I'm also trying to stay away from pbi's, since they are specific to pcbsd); I've
used the pkg_add, pkg_delete, portupgrade tools, but am just looking for an
easy way to ensure my entire bsd box is updated;

Having never used yum or up2date myself, I wonder - how does it differ from using portupgrade? Is the only difference in that portupgrade builds the software locally whereas yum and up2date install binaries, or is there more to it? If binaries vs source is the only difference then portupgrade does offer a way to update all installed ports.

Also, as I understand it,
bsd makes use of ports, by using tools such as cvsup, however I have never
had much success compiling my own software, as such much prefer to use
binary packages, which I understand that the freebsd authors provide;

Using ports is not the same as building/installing software yourself from source. All the complications are handled by port maintainers and we happy users only need to type 'make install'. So there's really no need to be scared. The only downside of ports (as far as I can see) is that building them takes more time than installing from binaries.

example, if I wanted to install pine, I would much rather install it by
running pkg_add -r pine ; I'm just looking for a simple way to update
currently installed binaries, simular to installing new binaries with
pkg_add ; thanks very much for your help with this.

I still recommend using ports and portupgrade. Actually, I don't use portupgrade myself, because I am a masochist. But from the comments on this list it seems to be pretty good.

Toomas Aas
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