On 2006-09-05 22:50, Bill-Schoolcraft <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If just a "relatively" small handful of dedicated FreeBSD coders can
> produce an OS that will install on damm near "ANYTHING" I always found
> it troubling that SUN Microsystems, with all it's resources, could
> not, at the least, make their x86 OS (think Solaris-10) install with
> support, for lets say, what FreeBSD had for 4.2?
> I mean, all the drivers are available, wouldn't one think that they
> could at least support what FreeBSD supports in terms of number of
> devices?

I don't speak officially *for* FreeBSD, but let's be a bit realistic
shall we?  There are both good and bad points for both FreeBSD and
Solaris.  I'm sure someone can find hardware on which FreeBSD can not
be installed at all.  The same can be said for Solaris.  In the end,
it is all a matter of what hardware you have and what your particular
application requires :-)

Having said that, I am more comfortable with the FreeBSD-way of doing
most things, so when I have the choise and *both* systems can be used,
I usually pick FreeBSD just because it is the one I know best.

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