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 I have
tried Open Office. No matter what anyone says, it is
just not as full featured as Word 2003. It is not even

True, but also compare the cost. Not even close...

He/she does
not want to read tons of manuals and spend hours in a
frustrating attempt to get it to run.

This is where you are completely wrong. I work for an ISP. I'm not
responsible for tech support but I keep my "ear to the ground". A VERY large
number of callers have problems configuring Outlook Express, for example. No
matter what the polls say, the experience is often very different. They may
not read the manuals (because they are no longer supplied), they just ring a
call centre instead.

The average user
does not care about configuring firewall, AV or
Spyware, etc. Just drop in a copy of ZA with perhaps
Sunbelt's Counter Spy and they are on their way.

That's one statement contradicting the other.

White Hat

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