I had install Gentoo Linux  on the /dev/hda (40G) , the partition table is
as following:
    hda1                          Primary    Linux
ext3                                      98.71 M
    hda5                          Logical     Linux swap /
Solaris                      1019.94 M
    hda6                          Logical     Linux
ext3                                      8891.53M
    hda7                          Logical     Linux
ReiserFS                              3076.26M
    hda8                          Logical     Linux
ext3                                      6925.69M
                                      Pri/Log     Free
Space                                    20003.89M
I want to use the remaining 20G space to install FreeBSD 6.0-release . When
I  was installing freebsd 6.1-release  at  the Partition stage , the
Partition Program can't find any linux partition or the free 20G space, but
just displayed the whole disk.
I used the same  freebsd install disk  on other machine , everythin goes
well .Can't you tell me how to deal with this problem ?
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