--- Duane Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> No.  I  believe  I  used the startup script for
> sa-spamd as a starting
> point.  I'm sure others could be used as a starting
> point as well. I'm
> still  in  the learning process. That way I could
> remove the ones from
> the rc.conf that I wanted to start in order and use
> the 'force' option
> when loading them from the custom startup script.
> So,  as  an example, if you do not have a
> 'spamd="YES"' in the rc.conf
> and  you  attempt  to start spamd from the console,
> it will not start.
> That  is  because  of  the  sa-spamd startup script.
> If you attempt to
> start  spamd from the console and supply 'force
> start', it will start.
> Therefore,  in my startup script I left it out of
> the rc.conf and used
> the 'force start' in my custom startup script.

I can see how that could work. It is still a hack, but
better than nothing. If I cannot come up with anything
else, I will give that a try.



White Hat 

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