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Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 10:41:17 PM, you wrote:


FS> Go grab the compressed, reasonably up to date ports tree:

FS> $ fetch -dpv ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/ports/ports.tar.gz

FS> (warning! 35MB compressed)

Will do when I have Internet connection via FreeBSD box.  Need to set
up ADSL connection - am currently reading about that process.  Also,
need to figure out how USB gets set up properly.  But these are two
separate issues that I will probably be asking about in the very near
future ... if I haven't managed to make any real progress in these

FS> and:

FS> # mv ports.tar.gz /usr/ports
FS> # cd /usr/ports
FS> # tar xvzf ports.tar.gz

FS> to build sudo, first check that there's nothing funny with building
FS> sudo:

FS> $ cat /usr/ports/UPDATING | grep sudo

FS> if there's nothing then:

FS> # cd /usr/ports/security/sudo/
FS> # make install clean

Thanks for the detailed steps.

FS> Then read the handbook about keeping your ports tree up to date using
FS> portsnap or cvsup.

Will do.

>> P.S.  Please advise what the proper mode of responding is in terms of
>> replying.  I did a "reply all" ...
>> <snip>

FS> That's OK. I usually post to the list and cc to the person who posted
FS> in the first place as they may not be subscribed to the list.

Yes, this was my line of thinking, but don't want to upset anyone as
I am a newbie here. ;)

FS> Welcome to FreeBSD!

Thanks.  Appreciate it, Frank.

Best regards,

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