I just attempted to install Arla from ports - I need a working AFS client.
It is on FreeBSD 5.5 because I was informed that it would not work on 6.1
due to problems using locks (kernel locks??) that have not been resolved.
Supposedly though, it is supposed to work on FreeBSD 5.5. But, the install is blocked with the message:
===> arla-0.40 is marked as broken: "compiles but overwrites files
from a dependancy (security/heimdal)".
Is there something I can do about this or can I just cause it to ignore
this with impunity? If so, how?
Does it just overwrite heimdal with the one from ports - which might be
what is already installed anyway? If so, does it matter?
If it matters, does arla have to have that particular heimdal and not
what  might already be installed - so can a check for it be put in and
have it skip over the overwriting and just use what is already there?
Basically, I need to get somewhere on this and don't know how to
procede so any pointers or help will be appreciated. ////jerry

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