On Thursday 14 September 2006 12:09, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> One should not conclude anything until the numbers are much larger
> than they are now, because small fluctuations from e.g. regional
> promotion of bsdstats in one country but not another, or one large
> company deploying it on all machine, will dramatically change your
> "conclusions".

I was just wondering if there is any consensus on adding BSDStats to the 
base system? If would appear to be a logical step to take so as to insure 
that all users of FBSD would be counted. An end user could always disable 
the sending of data by disabling it in the /etc/rc.file. I feel that unless 
it is part of the base system and turned on by default, too many users will 
never take part in the reporting process.

Also, there does not appear to be a 'man' page for BSDStats. Is that 
correct? Perhaps there should be one.

Just my 2ยข.

Gerard Seibert

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