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I will PAY someone who can either answer this question or who wants to log into my server and help me figure it out. I can pay an hourly rate, make a donation to your favorite project...whatever. This problem is killing my productivity!!!!

I have a FreeBSD 6.1-p6 server running as server1.domain.com.
sshd is allowing connections from any client except those which share the domain.com name..I can't be certain this is the problem, but after a month of debugging, its the only common factor I can find. My ssh client on server2.domain.com (also FreeBSD 6.1) returns with "Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer" as output to my ssh client. On OS X the error message is "Write failed: Broken pipe". ...So mac.domain.com and server2.domain.com which are on different networks from server1 (and from each other) are not allowed...I don't get any useful error messages. Even setting sshd_config LogLevel to DEBUG3 doesn't provide anything meaningful (to me) in auth.log or debug.log for server2.domain.com, I even have its ip as an A record in DNS and server1 can see this. mac.domain.com is not so lucky as it sits behind a DHCP NAT'ed structure. But this should hardly be a problem...PuTTY on Windows XP with no domain setting and behind a NAT'd DHCP structure CAN connect...

Please allow me to offer some incentive this time around as this is my third post on this problem to this maillist. I have not received a single reply.

Please get in touch.
thanks ke han

Do you have kerberos compiled and in use for authentication on the FreeBSD server and are you using it on the OSX client? ssh -vv server1.domain.com says? -Garrett _______________________________________________
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