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To whom it may concern,
Currently, I am using Ubuntu Linux 6.06 and it is really a let- down after I got it when I realized that Ubuntu does not do well with 28.8kbs/56kbs modems. It will not let me use my modem.

"Cheap" is the buzzword for internal modems. "Windows only" is a common way to make cheap modems, aka, "winmodem". I have never used FreeBSD with a winmodem but understand there is a way to use some models. Has been many years since, but have used FreeBSD over dialup external modem with many years of success.

Generally one finds better support for Windows-specific hardware with Linux than FreeBSD. Linux seems to want badly to supplant Microsoft Windows and to that goal developers will work to equal every minutia. FreeBSD says, "Bill who?, Bill Joy?"

I was wondering how Free-bsd does with dial-up modems (2 year old computer) and highspeed interenet, (I might get high speed soon).

Unless things have changed, FreeBSD works perfectly with external modems using PPP protocol to your ISP.

P.S. If my family did share a high speed internet connection, could I still connect to their network and share the internet, even if they are both using Windows XP?

Yes. Either an XP machine can "share" its internet connection (presumably you will use ethernet) or your FreeBSD system can do the same for the others. "Internet" is not yet a Microsoft-proprietary protocol, quite the opposite as Unix shares its internet protocols with Microsoft.

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