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Jona Joachim wrote:
> Christopher Hobbs wrote:
>> OK, let me preface this by saying flash 7 was marked broken for a reason
>> (a very good one at that).  I'm probably going to be stepping on some
>> toes here and I'd like to apologize in advance.  I've managed to install
>> the broken port by changing a couple of files and using macromedia's own
>> package.  It was a no-brainer.
>> I don't recommend doing this by any means.  I've carried out this
>> installation for two reasons, one was for development on an internal
>> machine that never touches the net.  Second because of the sheer volume
>> of people asking about how to do this, I was curious to see if it could
>> be done.
>> I've detailed the process here:  http://altbit.org/?p=207
> To get the distinfo file, just run 'make makesum', it's a lot easier.
> Commenting out 'RESTRICTED' is not required.
>> Let me say again, that this is a VERY bad idea.
> If it's a bad idea then why do you tell people how to do it?
> You could perhaps just send in a PR with your changes and the maintainer
> and the committers will take a look at it.
> --jona

Thanks for the 'make makesum' and RESTRICTED tips, while I know my way
around the ports system, there are still a few odds and ends that I
don't completely understand.  I need to read more about it.

As for the PR, I didn't actually change anything but the Makefile and
distinfo.  If I could, I'd do something useful with flash but it's not
open source, after all.  I posted it because I know the feeling of
frustration when something won't work.  I prefaced it with the whole
"bad idea" spill because it can still be used for "internal" purposes
like I had previously mentioned (i.e. the development box at my office
that never touches the net).

I'm really sorry if I'm coming off wrong here.  I'm probably not
following etiquette too well.  I'll look into a PR, though I don't know
that it'll do much good.

I'm not looking to start any wars, I just wanted to help out.

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