I am planning on migrating to a new PC in the near
future, perhaps after FBSD 6.2 is released. I was
therefore wondering if the following scenario was

1) Tar up the /var/db/pkg directory on old system
2) Untar the collection into the same location on new
3) Run portsnap to get an up-to-date ports collection
4) Run portmanager to actually install the ports.

I have close to 500 entries in the directory and
trying to install them all manually is a lot of work.
Of course there are META packages like KDE, but still
I would have a lot of manual work involved to get it
all back to the same state I had it in on the old PC.
It would seem to me that by doing it in this fashion
all of the programs would be built correctly for the
new system which is going to be quite a bit different
than the one I have now.

In theory this seems to work, but I wanted to know if
it is actually possible before attempting it.


White Hat 

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