Dear Very Helpful and Informative FreeBSD List,

I installed FreeBSD on Friday Night and tried very hard to get it all working.  
My initial X problem actually fixed itself (you can imagine my surprise), 
however, even with that, our computer is useless as a desktop (or anything 
else) without an internet connection.  My hardware is unsupported and despite 
my best efforts, I decided it would be better to expedite the process and I 
installed Mepis Linux.

I would hardly describe it the way another newbie did one week ago.  It was a 
good challenge.  I'll wait until I'm a better administrator and there's more 
support for hardware I might have.

The only really annoying thing was that I perpetually had trouble mounting my 
usb flash drive.  I think this was a filesystem problem.

Thanks for any help you've offered,
Joel J. Adamson 
Arlington, MA

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