On 2006-09-16 20:15, Viswas Nair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have managed to scr** up my FBSD 6.1 installation. This is what
> happened:
> I had an installation of BSD with which I was experimenting and
> managed to get it to work to my taste. Call this installation A. This
> installation had a lot of unwanted ports installed so I decided to do
> a new installation.
> I installed BSD in another partition. Call this installation B.
> I wanted to custom build the kernel in B and hence created the config
> file needed for the custom build.
> I used sysinstall to copy the src from the 6.1 CD. When I marked Base
> inside sysinstall to be copied, it gave me an error: Write failure on
> transfer!  (wrote -1 bytes of 1425408 bytes). I know this is not a
> problem with the CD because I was able to copy the base and src in
> another machine that I have.  Src however got copied in B.
> I couldnt do a make buildworld because it gave me an error saying that
> it didnt know what buildworld was.
> I knew i needed the base files to get it to work. A friend of mine had
> helped me custom build the kernel in installation A.
> So I mounted the partition and copied the files in /usr/src (only
> files, excluded /usr/src/sys) from installation A to installation B.
> Then when I did a make buildworld it gave me an error that it was
> unable to cd into a directory by thename /somepath/usr.bin.  I dont
> remember what somepath was. I couldn't note it down.
> Then I mounted the 6.1 CD and went into the 6.1Release folder and into
> the base directory and ran ./install.sh. It asked me if I wanted to
> copy files to / and i said yes. I attempted make buildworld again and
> it did not work.
> When this did not work, I decided to restart the machine and try
> again.  However, after restarting, the login prompt does not accept my
> user id and password. And when i type "root" for user, it logs me in
> without asking for a password. I am clueless whats happening here.
> Please help.

You have managed to wipe out your /etc/master.passwd file (among other
things, but let's fix this first).

Backup copies of master.passwd are kept in `/var/backups', so you can
always look there and restore it.  Unless you have added many users
during the last day or so, all should be there already :)

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