Dave wrote:
I am interested in using BSD on a computer between my cable modem and a router 
which is both wireless and hardwired. Is this something that anyone could 
advise me of such as:
    1) Which bsd software would be best for my purpose.

I use packet filter.

    2) I am interested in what the minimum speed and required memory might be 
to ensure the computer would not be a bottle-neck on the data coming in.

Anything will do. I have had an OpenBSD box on Pentium I taking care of 100+ clients with a 10Mbit internet connection and 100Mbit lan. Right now I have a VIA 1Ghz with 256MB ram for the same purpose.

    2) I am interested in using a different email software instead of Outlook 
Express. Does BSD have one available or could one be recommended?

This is not related to the previous question. If you're running windows on your clients then you should look at alternative windows applications - thunderbird may be one.

    3) I am interested in other software that would work with BSD also.

For what purpose? See the ports collection.

cheers, Erik

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