On 19 Sep 2006, at 12:51, Bob M. wrote:

It's absolutely possible Ashley.  We have samba 2.x running on a few
solaris 8 through 10 servers, one might be 3.x.  One of our solaris
admins made the mistake of making one of them a domain controller and it
was authenticating users in an AD domain.  I've run samba at home on
various releases of FreeBSD over the past few years.  You're just
looking to setup file shares with permissions, right?


Hi Bob

Yep, all we need is a file server. We want folders in /var/share available to users in Active Directory, eg /var/share/ashleymoran for just me, and maybe a shared one for the office or the design team etc. Nothing complicated really.

Our network admin said winbindd is broken on FreeBSD so he tried compiling the Solaris version(!) but couldn't make that work. Unfortunately he's beeyessdeephobic, but I want to avoid looking into it myself because, well, it's not my job :) If I have no choice, do you think it will take long to learn how to set it up? I don't want to lose a whole day to it.

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