> also how to limit  some ip not port with pf .

you set up your queues, then assign traffic to them via your pass
rules.  Your pass rules can use whichever criteria you like, ie

altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth 10Mb queue { def, mostofmybandwidth, notalot }
     queue def bandwidth 20% cbq(default borrow red)
     queue mostofmybandwidth 77% cbq(default borrow red) { most_lowdelay, 
most_bulk }
     queue most_lowdelay priority 7
     queue most_bulk priority 7
     queue notalot 3% cbq
block all
pass from $localnet to any port $allowedports keep state queue 
pass from $iptostarve to any port $allowedports keep state queue notalot 

- you get the idea.
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