FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p8

I just did a buildworld along with a new kernel this morning. While doing 
the installworld, I noticed an error message displayed regarding 
the /var/mail directory. I have the directory set to: 1777 so that dovecot 
can assess it. The installworld process reset the permissions to 0775 which 
were not sufficient for Dovecot.

The dovecot.log file had over a hundred entries similar to this:

deliver(gerard): Error: 
open(/var/mail/ failed: 
Permission denied
deliver(gerard): Error: file_lock_dotlock() failed with mbox 
file /var/mail/gerard: Permission denied

Obviously the /var/log/maillog had similar fail warnings.

By changing the permission to 1777 on the /var/mail directory and running 
postsuper -r ALL, I was able to get the mail delivered. This is the second 
time this has happened. The last time I rebuild world I experienced the 
same phenomena. Why does build world insist on changing the directory 
permissions and is there a way I can prevent it from doing so?

What I am trying to determine is if I really should have those settings on 
the directory, or if I have something configured wrong in either postfix or 

Gerard Seibert

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