I have what seems to be a mostly stable 6.2 PRERELEASE that I couldn't take backward to RELENG_6_1 for reasons I couldn't figure out. Unimportant because it's being loaded with data and going to test production right now. The "mostly" part is that in cvsupping I picked up a nasty reboot problem where "reboot" would stop at Uptime and hang about 75% of the time. If the system runs like I've come to expect FreeBSD to run over the years, I don't really care plus I'm installing a remote Power Tower to overcome such issues next week. On 6.2 PR, it ran through about 50 reboots without a problem until I stupidly updated once more. Yesterday I updated yet another time and the frequency of the problem dropped to the point where it didn't do it but 1 in 10 intentional reboots. But since I am still seeing it. I'm wondering if it's worthwhile putting in a problem report? I dislike troubling people if I am the only one who's going to experience a problem, especially one which I will soon be able to manage it by cycling grouped power inputs (if it even happens again now, since I won't be rebooting a production system).

It's AMD64 on an s4882 Tyan.

The question is probably best stated as what is whining and what is helping? For all I know it's a timing problem with bios version I'm running.
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