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> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Andrew Y Ng wrote:
> > On  0, "P. U. Kruppa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > And ... if you know Linux you can easily install and setup
> > > FreeBSD on your machine and find out everything yourself.
> >
> > that's not really true, the RH installer is a lot easier to use for most ppl
> > than sysinstall. for some reason I prefer sysinstall though, probably because
> > I used to install NetBSD with their textbased installer and never had a
> > problem with it.
> You are right. When I started playing around with Linux (it was
> Slackware at that time) the installation menu looked like
> sysinstall. So it was easy to convert to FreeBSD.
> Though, sysinstall gives you the chance to start with a lean,
> minimal system and extend things the way you like.

    I think the slackware installer still looks like that. at least in
    8.0 it looked like a poor man's /stand/sysinstall.

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