On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 12:44, Nick Jennings wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am using FreeBSD 4.7 and am experiencing a strange X lockup that I am
>  able to reproduce. When I am using Mozilla, in X (doesn't matter what
>  window manager I am using) and I have *allot* of tabs open, probably
>  allot of the sites have javascripts etc. Sometimes, and I haven't noticed
>  any pattern in what I am doing other than having allot of tabs open 
>  (probably 20+), X completely hangs.
>  The mouse locks up, I can't move it, nothing responds. If I try to
>  switch to another console I get a no signal error (on my LCD monitor)
>  so it just doesn't get any signal from the video card apparently.
>  I can ssh into the box from another machine and about all I can do is
>  restart the system. Once the machine restarts, the video is back online.
>  Anyone else experience this problem? It has been going on ever since I
>  installed 4.7 and since then I have updated to STABLE branch a few times,
>  and updated to devel mozilla. No change.

Do you have any strange fonts loaded?  There have been reports of X
crashes when Mozilla is used with non-standard X fonts.



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