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> It's ready to go when 3.1 is released.  The changelog is already on the KDE 
> website, so there's little point repeating it here :)

nice! i'm pretty excited for 3.1, prolly more so than fbsd 5.0... ;)

> The Kolab server (Exchange Server replacement) is a standalone, not part of 
> KDE proper, and is definitely high on the list for getting into ports, it is 
> however, still a work in progress, and I personally would prefer to wait 
> until it's not quite such a moving target.  It's going to take quite some 
> environment to test it, it's pretty hard to know if a groupware server is 
> working right without setting up a workgroup and using it, so that takes 
> time.  The client side groupware stuff is nearly there, sharing calendars is 
> perfect, and I can tell you that the the development versions for 3.2 are 
> supporting imap, and disconnected imap, sieve, ldap, and much more.  You can 
> read about all that stuff on KDE's own sites but it's really coming along 
> amazingly nicely if you're in need of groupware stuff.  

can i use the Exchange plugin without the Kolab server? my company uses MS
Exchange, as do most companies out there, sadly. I just need be able to get
the addressbook and calendar and request/accept meetings, etc... like what
Ximian Connector can do.

right now I got RH8 on my work machine, but Connector doesnt even work on
RH8, so I have to run Evo off another coworker's box to use it, and I still
havent been able to sync my palm coz it's a PITA to sync over ppp to a remote
machine running linux/evolution/pilot-link/gnome-pilot... (not even sure if
that's possible actually). anyway, i highly prefer being able to just run
fbsd here, for some reason rh8 is slow as hell and i have to reboot at least
once a week. could be XFree86 with xinerama though, but rh8 is bloated

> Once KDE 3.1 is out the door, we'll turn the package building cluster back to 
> doing CVS builds, and you're welcome to help test them, drop by the IRC 
> channel or on the mailing list, or keep an eye on our website (in my sig.)

sounds good, I'll check those out this weekend! Thanks so much for your

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