ok, i know that i am a newbie, but perhaps what i am trying to do is

goal: host 2 domains locally
equipment: linksys wireless router (4 ethernet connections--wireless not
running yet), freebsd 4.7 on dedicated p166, and several boxes/os's
connected dhcp.

i assigned router 1 static address (, server lan address
( domain1.com is working.

i wish to alias second static address ( on server for

try as i might, i cannot make this work. is it even possible?

linksys says: place hub between modem and router, connect server to hub
(placing server outside lan). that scenario renders server incapable of
communicating with isp's router (

i am beginning to wonder whether i can even accomplish this. it seems
simple enough, however; i just can't make it work....

any suggestions?


stephen d. kingrea

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