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On Friday, 10 January 2003 at  9:37:02 -0500, Bill Moran wrote:
>> From: Steve Warwick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>> I have a bazillion of these kernel messages showing up in my logs...
>>> Jan  9 13:53:30 la last message repeated 7 times
>>> Jan  9 13:59:21 la /kernel: arp: 00:05:32:0e:64:12 attempts to modify
>>> permanententry for on rl0
>>> I know rl0 is my ethernet but I don't host the .65 address. I have
>>> not seen these before - does anyone know what these messages mean?
>> No help here, but I get this (alot) and I've seen it discussed, but no
>> resolution (if one is needed):
>> ...../kernel: arp: [address] has moved to [different] address on [cable
>> modem mac address]
>> I'd be interested in any suggestions, as well.
> These are two different issues.  The "[address] has moved to
> [different] ..." message is simply caused by DHCP giving different
> addys to different computer as they turn on and off on the cable
> network.  It's not really anything to be concerned with.

That's not the only possibility.  It could be two machines both
insisting that the address is theirs.  That *is* an issue to be
concerned with.

> I'm not sure what Steve's problem is, but it sounds like a
> something's wrong.  If I were you, I'd do a little research to find
> out what computer has 00:05:32:0e:64:12 and see what software is
> running on it.  That may get you pointed toward the cause/solution
> of the problem.

You could also try connecting to it with ssh or rlogin or some such.
That should help you identify which machine it is more easily.

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