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i have an odd issue with 6.0 that i've been trying to solve for ages and
nobody seems to know how to answer.

1. i can mount any cd's or dvd's THAT I DIDN'T BURN. makes no difference
what media is used.

2. i burn a dvd like so

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0=bailes.iso

Are you sure this shouldn't be
growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/acd0=bailes.iso ?

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not unless the freebsd handbook is wrong.
it burns the dvd, i just can't mount it on this computer. i can mount
under windows.

        Not sure, but it's either UDF or ISO9660 format, and if you
don't have the correct support built into your kernel or if you don't
have the right fs mentioned in fstab, the kernel/mount will refuse to
mount the DVD since it doesn't know how to interpret the contents. Try
either mounting with -t udf or -t auto and see if you can mount the disk.
        Also, if the DVD is an audio DVD, you can't mount it; just use a
program like xMMs to play it directly by setting up the CDROM plugin
properly.. You need to be a part of the operator group, or set the
permissions for the drive properly in order to mount it.
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none of the above apply, since i can mount the original dvd just fine, but i can't mount the burnt image. :/ i'm at a loss with what to do
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