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> I'm trying to help a guy with a dial-up connection upgrade/update to 6.X, or 
> even 5.X.  He's on 4.2 and we can't seem to get cvsup to install, nor can he 
> get the whole "ball-o-wax" download from /usr/ports/etc/etc/ports/ports.tgz
> So I'm thinking he should use sysinstall to do an upgrade.

> I figure he should go to "options" and set the "Release Name," and then just 
> do an install.  But I don't know what is the current "Release Name" for 
> stable.  I tried "6.1-RELEASE" on my system, but that failed.

Not correct.

> Could one of ya'll who has recently (like in the last several days, or weeks) 
> downloaded and installed FreeBSD tell me what your "options" menu says 
> in "Release Name" from sysinstall?

6.1-RELEASE is the  correct Release Name, but as you have discovered,
you cannot use sysinstall from 4.2 to install it.  You've got to
download the install media and cut yourself a CD or some such so you
end up running the 6.1 sysinstall.  

Apart from anything else, changes in sysinstall mean that you won't get 
a kernel installed if you don't use the 6.1 sysinstall.



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