Nick wrote:
I've been looking on the web for hours but haven't found any help, though of asking on some forums when I suddenly remembered! There's freebsd-questions!!
Anyway, I'm a MS SQL Server guy, trying to mess around with FreeBSD at home.  
I've managed to install 6.1, CVSup, xorg, KDE, Apache 1.3.  I haven't touched 
this box for a while due to my work schedule, now I'm trying to pick up where I 
left off... I just install ed WordPress from ports, trying to use it to learn 
PHP and MySQL.  (At work, I'm almost 100% SQL Server only!  I'm hoping to 
change to a Linux / Oracle, Data Warehouse type of position.... but outside of 
work, I would like to learn some PHP, Perl and MySQL... may be start a little 
side web biz or something...)

So, main question:

WordPress requires PHP 4 and MySQL 3 or later, and optional mod_rewrite.  How 
do I verify if these are installed?

I used "pkg_version -v" to check my installed ports' versions, I have these:

I think I still need to install mod_php and mod_rewrite, but I can't see them 
in /usr/ports/www

How do I verify that php, MySql and mod_rewrite are install and function 
properly in Apache?



make a file called pinfo.php in your web servers data directory root (/usr/local/www/data by default)

put this in it:




save it and go to:

and read away

that will dump all php related info.

make sure you install the suhosin patches against PHP and/or use the extension

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