I have a pretty complicated setup currently and am trying to figure out exactly how to implement it. I'm pretty unfamiliar with freebsd, the last incarnation I used was 4.3 and I only used it for a few months before moving to linux.

I have a VPN setup for an IP range for clients connecting using OpenVPN.

Now I am handling NAT for these up to 5 IPs. I have 5 real IPs that are allocated to the machine that the VPN server runs on (OpenVPN). I need each client to have a real and unique IP, although not from the client's viewpoint.

From my understanding, I would get OpenVPN to give out IPs I would then set up rather than a standard NAT for like through A.B.C.D (single real IP)

I would now set up
nat through A.B.C.D
nat through A.B.C.E etc

Does this make sense and am I missing something? These would be going through BSD's tun-type device.


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