Depends on your application.
There is no generally "best" solution.
On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 02:19:49PM +0200, Dan Catana wrote:
> - Apache 2
I use caudium. Provides strong flexible content, and is easy to administer.

> - MySQL 5
Postgres is the right choice for me, provides integrity, is faster
for complex queries anyway.

> - PHP 5
I prefer programming modules in pike for caudium.
Keeps my application sane.

> - awstat
> - ftp server ... I don't really know what to install, proftpd it's good ?
awful documentation as far as i am concerned.
pure-ftpd is doing a good job for me. Gives you real control
over traffic and other limits per user. I like its sql interface.

> - iptables -- for firewall
I don't do firewalling at all. For whom? My server is
not a gateway. But if i need one, i prefer pf.

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