what i dont understand is..
that when i download from a machine on a 100Mbit connection i get
like 115kb/s at home.

but when i download from my own colocated machine i get like 3kb/s to
0.20kb/ LOL hahaha.. ok.. BUT the strange part is... that i asked a
few friends of mine to download from that machine also... and they get
their full 115kb/s.. so i think..

1. it isnt my connection because i can download with 115kb/s from
another 100mbit machine..
2. it isnt the colo server because my friends CAN download with

what can possibly be the problem? anyone?
oh yes... i have already tried to reinstall proftpd (well ok i know it
sounds stupid... but hey.. i had to try something right? :-P)

Metin de Dwaas


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