On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 22:07:58 -0500 Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:

> Hi,
>   this is a follow-up to what I posted before, about choosing a TV card to
> use on freebsd6.2. Okay, so the card I got "A VerMedia M-500" ...DOES NOT
> work!! Indeed!!! It uses Philip chip. shoot....

Oh, Philips... But it may work with multimedia/kbtv. You may try to
load Win* (it initializes the card) and then reboot (not powerdown!)
to FreeBSD.

> but I have windows xp installed on another HD, after downloading the driver
> and all, that seemed to work well, except my cable signal is weak, i only
> get like 13 channels.... :-(

> get ready to bid....

> (anybody wants a TV capture card that works on windows?? call me!!)

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